Neto Vettorello is an Italian-Brazilian artist with multidisciplinary talents, currently living in Dublin, Ireland. This city inspires him with a range of influences, from urban to introspective, playful, and spiritual. Vettorello's work starts with altered states of consciousness through ancestral practices and explores the relationships between cities, their inhabitants, and the deep connection with the mystical world. He sees art as a sincere expression of his emotions and employs a wide range of techniques, including graffiti, painting, graphic design, and audiovisual approaches.
       After years dedicated to developing graffiti letters, he created a unique character marked by a drop-shaped face. However, this character is not confined to a single identity; it unfolds into different facets and interpretations. Sometimes it reflects Vettorello's vision of life, capturing the feelings and knowledge it offers, while at other times, it represents the vision he desires for an ideal world.